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My brother just taught me how to post a REAL picture! I’m very excited about this. Me, in the middle…my 30th birthday, two of my three sisters. Luv ’em.


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This post is not for the eyes of my family, sorry my brother…believe me you do NOT want this visual, and you know to what lengths I can go.

So here it is, my sad tale of what it has come down to, (literally) after nursing three children.

My daughter was in my room while I was changing to go work out.  She stared with big eyes at me, wrinkled her nose, and spoke some gibberish. But what came out next was very clear…  

“Mommy, your like a monkey!” she said.

I realized immediately what body part(s) she referred to. I hope she’s not scarred for life. And yes I will be changing in the closet from now on.  

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Book Club Dirt

Little tip, when hosting a book club at your house, try not to over hear a comment like…

“It was alright, but I’d never recommend it.”

Try not to invite any English Majors, (no offense Kathryn) as they will use said book club as a forum to trash said book and humiliate poor uneducated hostess.

Do,however, serve them terrific food, so at least they can’t diss on that…and invite some normal housemom’s without a whole lot going on so at least they appreciate the fact that the aforementioned book got them thinking! 

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So there is much I enjoy about this web-log thing, but there is much that is humbling as well. I have a hard time not comparing myself to the brilliant women and men in this world. I have a hard time thinking I’ve accomplished enough and I just can’t help but to compare. I know…it’s sad, it’s pathetic. But sometimes I wonder, am I truly where I want to be in life?

I don’t think it’s all bad, because I’m not the type of person to feel bad and not do anything about it. I have made some positive motions forward…and it will take time…I really want to go back to school. That’s my biggest regret. I’m not sure how to go about it and I’m scared.  I don’t know if my brain can handle the courses I don’t like. Biology, algebra, anything in the scientific or mathematical realm. Maybe I should try to take courses from Australia, there they go straight to what they enjoy, humanities, liberal arts, that’s more my style.

Where is all this blah blah going? Well I’m slightly embarassed to admit that I’ve been obsessed  with something that I feel many of my blogging buddies do not waste their time with. 

That’s right, I’m talking about American Idol folks! It really has me hooked this season.  In my defense, I really haven’t had the attention span for it in the past. I’ve enjoyed the opening auditions, but when it gets to the top 12 I loose interest.  Maybe it’s because I feel the same about it as politics. My vote doesn’t really count.  Also, everyone uses the same old songs, with the same old sound. I consider myself a music connoisseur, and many of these people must be BLIND to what is out there.

This season it’s been different. This season there has been a little somethin’ I like to call DIVERSITY. Musically, of course.  With contestants like Blake Lewis, Chris Sligh, Chris Richardson, and Gina Glocksen I’ve actually heard music from fantastic artists! This season my ears actually beheld songs from The Cure, 311, The Police, Keane, The Pretenders and Jamariquai…and even when I had to put up with the same old same old, some of these people put some great twists on the oldies! Of course they got knocked by the judges for some of these decisions, but in my living room I was clapping! Bravo! That’s what I say, don’t let them change you, these guys may not be able to belt it out like LaKisha, but I’m loving the new flavor.

What makes me furious is these supposed music professionals who call themselves judges don’t even know who some of these artists. They need to be studying more so they don’t look like fools.

Okay so I’m done with my rant.

And while I’m coming clean I also LOVE The Office, can’t get enough of it…I’m already thinking about the fact that someday it will go off the air, and nothing can replace it. Funniest sitcom I’ve ever seen!  But I’m not so embarassed about that. Maybe I’m trying to redeem myself?

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The sun is out again in Seattle. Amazing and beautiful and perfect for picnicking in the park.  I needed my dose of Vitamin D, as well as the fact that every-time it is sunny Buster expects a park trip. In our little town the bus driver will actually drive by the park, and if she sees you, she’ll let your child of there. I love the personal treatment, I have to say. So today the park was PACKED because everyone and their mother (of course) heads to the one park in town when it’s sunny. I’m so hard core that I outlasted them all! What is it with me and my little battles that no one knows I’m fighting but myself.  But really, what were we going to do at home? If you’ve read this blog enough you know it wouldn’t be chores!  

Really though, one by one everyone left, and what used to be a packed playground became an empty playground. My kids became bored playing with eachother and eventually I decided it was time for us to go.

After a battle to get everyone to the car, threats of non-violent punishments, and much yelling, we did make it. But as I was buckling Bubba into his car seat Buster began yelling that there was a spider on my shirt…Not one to over react I finished buckling and in the mean time Buster was asking if I felt any itchiness in my shirt because the spider had just crawled down it.  This freaked me out a little. I had many different layers in my shirt that the spider could have gone, I couldn’t seem to find it. Buster suggested that I take my clothes off. Not really an option.

You know that feeling when you have a bug on you, that itchy feeling, every little prick of the skin and you think it’s there? That was me driving home. I admit to almost hitting a mailbox as I swerved over to the side of the road trying to find that spider. I’m wondering what passer-by’s were thinking as I groped myself.  

I never did find it.

So even now as I’m typing, my skin is itching, but I’m wondering…did Buster make it all up to get back at me for all those threats on the way back to the car?? And if so, since when did my child become so crafty?

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Only a dog lover would let her do this…” She says as she lets my dog lick the grease from her hands. “Who knows where this mouth has been.”

“Yes, who knows?” I ponder, staring blankely in the distance.

She promptly washes her hands with dish soap.

Definitely a true dog lover. 

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Oops I did it again, no, I’m not referring to Britney Spears, I’m referring to my impulsivity (is that a word?)  For about a month back in November I joined the e-bay frenzy.  We were moving, to a rental, we’ve never had to rent. My pride got the better of me and I was thinking that if I had to rent, I would do it in style. I ended up playing e-bay for furniture. On the positive side, I purchased four kitchen chairs for $100 and free shipping. I should have stopped there! I should have counted my blessings, we really did need kitchen chairs we only had two and we’re a family of five. But perusing will get you everywhere and I began my search for other AMAZING deals.

I saw this armoire that looked gorgeous, the bid was starting at .99 cents.  I thought I hit the jackpot! Maybe no one else would bid and I would get an armour for $20.  Then the madness began, as I eagerly checked my e-mail everyday to see if I had won people  kept out bidding me. It mad me so angry! How dare they! This was my piece of furniture and no one was going to out bid me! I would WIN! Well, as you can imagine the bidding was raised fairly high, but in the end I “won” for a mere $100.  I didn’t realize that shipping costs were triple that. ARGH!

But it didn’t ship, and didn’t ship, and didn’t ship for 5 months. Maybe I was off the hook? I e-mailed and asked could I cancel it, to no avail. Once you win on e-bay if you don’t want your name slandered you must pay up and follow through.

The beastly thing came today. It smells like a nursing home, and is chipped and scratched. It’s awful. I don’t know what I ever saw in it! I’m so embarrassed for my hubby to arrive home and see it sitting in my living room, to big to fit into any of the corners I had planned for it.

I have been humbled.  I am blushing in my humiliation. My house is now infected by the smell of it, and it is blocking 40% of the light in my living room. It blocks almost a whole window.

What do you do with an ugly armoire, what do you do with a smelly armoire, what do you do with a cheap looking, although relatively expensive armoire before the hubby comes home and gives you the look?

To add to the insult to my injuries…my hubby is an amazing carpenter, you can check out his gallery of work at scandw.com, and he just made me a beautiful cabinet…the first cabinet he’s ever made for after seven years of marriage.  Why couldn’t I wait a little longer for a custom built job? That’s what you all are thinking!  This has put a damper on my spirits which were already as grey and dreary as the weather outside on this Seattle day.

Never again e-bay! You’ll never get the better of this girl!

Did I mention how utterly bored I am?  Well, I’m also bored, bored. bored. bored.

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