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Throw Back Thursday!

eve '78

I was doomed from the beginning. Do I even LOOK like I’m enjoying pretending to work? That’s what I thought. But nice try Mom and Dad. This Throw Back Thursday is brought to you by Jane.


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My Buster

I thought I knew it all when I carried you inside my belly.  I had such romantic notions of motherhood. I knew it would be perfect, that you would be perfect. We’d be this happy little family that the world would envy.

I think you decided to give me a reality check.

You were born 9’15lbs and came out screaming. I never heard the sweet cry of a newborn with you. I guess being the size of a 3 month old you had lungs to match.  I had to share a room in the hospital. I was so flustered trying to calm you down when you screamed.

It didn’t stop for the next 8 months of your life. No one wanted to hold you, or babysit.  You never smiled. It was my personal goal to get you to smile at least once a day.

Then you learned to walk, and you were happy. It was a strange thing to see, this little 8 month old, walking around with his arms in the air for balance. It was then I realized you just wanted independence.

I love how you’ve grown.  I try to remind you of the “good old days” when it was just you and me. For 2 1/2 years you had my undivided attention.

We went on outings almost every day. I was so worried about your mental stimulation. I thought we had to be learning together every moment.  It’s nice to be more relaxed about parenting now.  

We had Disneyland passes, but you were scared of almost every ride. You only allowed us to go on the Teacups, the Merry-go-round, and It’s a Small World. But even that last one freaked you out sometimes.

You were such a sensitive little boy. We had to be extremely careful with the movies you watched or you would have nightmares for months. You hated “Finding Nemo” because he was separated from his dad for so long. I couldn’t get you to watch it to see the happy ending till you were 4 years old.

You started school this year,  and we have had some surprises. Let’s just say you’ve gotten into some scraps. We’ve used them as “learning tools.” And I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get any e-mails or calls from transportation anymore.  

Now you’re 6. I have a 6 year old.  I can’t believe it! But I’m so excited. You are of the age where you appreciate the finer moments in life. You can enjoy the sunsets with your Dad and I. You remark on the beauty of you surroundings. We can stay out late at baseball games. Camping is fun with you along. And I can have some really amazing conversations with you, and you get it. I love to watch you grow.

Under the Bridge

I’m so glad I had you first. You truly are the sweetest big brother. You have moments where I remember that you are just 6, but most of the time I have this little man around the house. You love to make your siblings laugh, and you love to play with them. You especially like it when they ask you for help. “Biggest Brother”  suits you very well indeed.  I can’t imagine it any different and I know that you will have a divine purpose in this life. You are a special spirit.

 My hopes for you this year are that you will continue to excel in school, and church, as you have been.  That you develope your talents, and make quality friends, snd that you will continue to learn how important you are in our home.  We love you SO much. 

I want you to be proud of me too. I will always try to be the mom you deserve.

Happy Birthday Buster, you are an original! 

First day of school

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Do I pack for our trip on Friday morning or sit in the sunshine and read while the baby sleeps?

What would you do?…

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Bubba had PNEUMONIA, which is sad yet liberating. I’m telling you, a mom knows when her child is sick. The Doctor looked surprised when he told me his diagnosis. Probably because Bubba was running around the room acting like a normal 20 month old.

I’m grateful for doctor’s and modern day medicine. But I’d REALLY be grateful if all three kids would stay healthy for our upcoming vacation at the RANCH! So cross your fingers for me.

Other thoughts on my brain today are that Rosie O’Donnell/Elizabeth Hasselback feud.  I can honestly say that I see both sides, but it just reaffirms my belief that I don’t like to discuss politics with friend, co-workers, anyone really. I couldn’t last on a show like that because I would take everything so personally. I have my beliefs, you have yours. I believe people are entitled to their opinion. I enjoy hearing both sides of the story. What I don’t like is an individual being made to fell stupid of ignorant for their opinion.  And you are certainly not going to change how I believe by making me feel that way.

I have had close friends who’s views have been on opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m happy to say we still remain friends, there are just things we don’t talk about. 

The older I get the more I enjoy my little comfort bubble. That scares me to admit. It makes me feel like I’m even older than my 30 years. But when I’m out with a group where I’m completely in the minority, especially when the subject of politics or religion comes up, I just don’t have the fire that I used to. I’m not as willing to throw myself under the train so to speak.

I know it’s because I’ve been sheltered for the last 8 years. I’ve become too comfortable making the same types of friends.  

It’s Memorial Day, my poor Husband is working, my kids are running wild. At least I have managed to feed them two meals thus far.  I knew the day started out poorly when I wanted to sleep till 11 am.

So maybe on Memorial Day I need to say something about people that have past and are dear to me.

To my little brother Derek, I hope some day I have the chance to get to know you. Maybe you were the one sibling in the family that wasn’t as stubborn as an ox. Maybe you would have brought a certain peace into our home of ruffians. I don’t know. But I hope someday I’ll find out.

To my Uncle Bill, you had a really cool collection of vinyl’s. I’m sure we would have jammed together.

Of course my grandparents and great-grandparents that I’ve had the privilege of knowing. Thanks for forging the way. It couldn’t have been easy. But in a way I envy those days. They sound simpler in so many ways. We have too many decisions to make in these times.

So that’s about it for today. There is no structure to be found in this post. But that’s okay. It is Monday afterall. Monday and I have never been friendly with one another.

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This is how we roll!

A typical Northwest afternoon

Bored? Kids going stir crazy on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Send them out for a swim!

Rain defiance

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Do things have a tendency to disappear around your house?

And no, I’m not speaking of goods like this, I know exactly where these have gone…


I’m specifically inquiring about these items, the three that my husband or I have trouble locating from time to time.


Take the time, for instance, four years ago. Buster was a mere toddler then, and Husband and I lived with the in-laws. Yes, it was a joyous time in our lives.
One day Husband’s wallet went missing. What a surprise! He was not able to find it for many months. You can imagine the bantering that took place. He insisted his wallet had to be somewhere in the house. I insisted it was a lost cause, probably in a garbage dump somewhere, and that he needed to replace his Driver’s License and other items. I think he was just about to give up and see it my way when Lee, his mother, decided to redo her flower garden. She spent the entire day pulling up all these sword ferns that had been there for years.  What should appear after she finished her task? Husbands wallet. Covered in mud, it had definitely been buried by some chubby little hands. We both had a good laugh, but wondered when little Buster ever had the chance to bury that wallet? I only had one child at the time and we were constantly together. Especially in the front yard.

Then yesterday, Sunday afternoon… we had finished lunch, church, all the crazy tasks of the day and agreed we all wanted to relax together in front of a family film.

We could not find the remote. I know this happens in every family, but ours always turns up eventually. We tore the living room apart looking for it. Along with the children. We were very puzzled and I have a tendency to blame my sweet husband for it. He did have it last. He was up late on Saturday evening playing Xbox. He was the one who saw it last, alive…we never found it that day. However it is important to note that as we were going to bed that evening he pointed out that he had my keys and was placing them on our bedroom drawers.  In the back of my mind was this little nagging voice that said “He has my keys! He’s going to lose them!” But I was ready for bed and not about to get up and put them back in my purse.

So this morning my son was a tad late to school, but I was determined to make it there quickly, he would be in time for his gym class. Low and behold my keys were not on the drawers! I looked around quickly and  carefully before I called up poor hubby to begin bawling him out. “Where are my keys!”  I asked as soon as he answered his phone.

“On the drawers! You saw me put them there!”

 “I knew I shouldn’t have let you handle them you have a losing keys curse on your hands!”

“Did you look everywhere?”

 “Yes I’ve looked and am looking everywhere…No Keys There, No Keys There, and No Keys There! They are officially lost! Buster is late for school and there’s no milk in the house!” (I’m laughing now but this was Oh So Serious this morning.) 

 “Well I’ll come bring you some keys.”

We parted amiably and Buster piped up. “Mom I know where the keys are. Bubba came and threw them at me this morning. There in my room in front of my laundry basket!”

Sure enough they were. I called the Husband and apologized. Wait, did I apologize or just tell him they were found? Probably the later.

So Buster made it to school in the middle of P.E. and I got some milk. After arriving home and sitting down to my e-mails little Missy came walking over with her Hello Kitty purse and pulled out THE REMOTE! All she said was “Here you go, sorry mom.” And walked away.


I think so. And I apologize to my husband. I know I always blame you honey, I’m sorry. Never again. From now on I will corral the little ducklings together and interrogate them till someone talks! 


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I'm buried under laundry

This is what I’ll be doing all day…

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