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I have moved and will be blogging here! Please come visit me and share the blogging joy.


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The verdict is in, I’m not going to blogspot, I’m going to have my very own dot com…my big brother sells them very cheap over at Chimpwater dot com and he downloaded wordpress onto my site for me. He says by tomorrow I can start messing with it. So that means it may still be a few days to get it looking like I want and then viola! The new me will be here…I’m going through blogging withdrawals right now, but I have more time to read what y’all are writing so that’s been fun.

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Goodbye WordPress

I received a call from Kathryn (insert her a link to DaringYoungMom site but my site is unable to do that right now….and she said I have an idea for you…let’s switch you over to Blogspot…I laugh because I follow her like a lamb when it comes to technical stuff…I’m so very green and trust that I’m in good hands, she will not lead me astray. I also laugh because Kymburlee (from Temporary? Insanity) and Melissa (Mejojac’s Memo’s) tol me to make the switch a few days ago. I told them I wouldn’t go to the dark side…but my friends, I don’t know what’s happened to this poor humble little site, but the problems seem to be getting worse and it is not enjoyable for me to blog here anymore. This could be my last blog on WordPress…by tonight I might join the ranks of blogspotters around the world…to WordPress I will simply say “goodbye, and thanks for the memories!”

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My friend up and took off for Tibet…she asked me if I wanted her racing bike…she didn’t want to toss it but she needed to get rid of it. She said giving it to me would be as therepeudic as tossing her wedding ring into the ocean…She’s going through something profound right now. Many of us have experienced the pain of a break-up with a husband/boyfriend/person that you gave your heart to only to be dragged along for and extended amount of time and then watch as they crush that organ under their feet. I was reminded of my own experience as I thought of her.  Are men the same way? Do they need to clean house of all memories? I’ve noticed a pattern in the grieving process, phases, if you will…

Phase 1: Numbness, denial…this isn’t really happening…he’ll realize his mistake and we’ll get back together. I couldn’t help but think of the Violent Fems “I hope you got Fat” if you aren’t familiar, the words are “I hope you got fat cause then you just might want to see me come back.” This is part of phase 1. As women go, we diet, or change our hair, or shop.

Phase 2:Acceptance, kind of…the paperwork is filed and you do all the practical things that mean it’s “over.” Still you blindly hang on to what you can, you want to “stay friends” you hang out or call every once in awhile. Your friends are not aloud to speak ill of the ex…not yet. Because what if by some freak chance you get back together? Then there’d be weirdness. “Time heals all wounds” I don’t know if this is true…time may just lessen the blow.

Phase 3: There is a catalyst in this phase, something to make you realise you were holding out for some sort of closure…some message…but you can’t verbalize what kind of closure you need…and then you receive some kind of blow that takes you out of your stupor. This one hurts like the initial revelation. It happens and you realize they really aren’t good for you. On any level. Are they dating again? Are you dating again? What was the final straw?  And sometimes you need to take all the pictures, poems, love letters…to a pit at the beach and torch them. Maybe he really did love you once and it wasn’t all a lie, but you NEED to throw that ring in the ocean! It feels so good!

Though I haven’t spoken with my dear friend about what made her decide to give up her bike, I can only wonder what happened that helped her reach this decision.  But I’m clapping for her! It’s been a few years since it started to go down, and I hope she finds what she’s looking for in Tibet.

And I’m starting to think metal detectors on the beach aren’t such a nerdy idea.

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