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Book Club Dirt

Little tip, when hosting a book club at your house, try not to over hear a comment like…

“It was alright, but I’d never recommend it.”

Try not to invite any English Majors, (no offense Kathryn) as they will use said book club as a forum to trash said book and humiliate poor uneducated hostess.

Do,however, serve them terrific food, so at least they can’t diss on that…and invite some normal housemom’s without a whole lot going on so at least they appreciate the fact that the aforementioned book got them thinking! 


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And on that note…

 When Buster woke up this morning I conducted and interrogation, in a loving, rational manner of course.  Buster is an interesting kid. He can tell you any line to any movie he’s seen once. I can’t listen to my rock music because he listens to the lyrics and asks me specifically what they mean. But if you ask the boy what he did at school today, right as he gets off the bus, he won’t remember anything!

So he really didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. What I’ve found works is if I fill in some blanks, some of the story will come out.

I know every mother says this but Buster has always been straight with me about his little scuffles. When he knocked a kid’s tooth out, he owned up to it.

When he threatened another at recess, that eventually was admitted as well. So I pried and pulled with this one but he proclaimed his innocence. Another little boy had tripped him, and when he was on the floor, the friend of the tripper jumped on him. All in good fun, Buster didn’t see why it was such a big deal, he didn’t even remember getting scolded. (Side note, this teacher is not known to be a disciplinarian so I’m sure she tried her best.) 

Of course I packed us all up in the car this morning and took him to school. 

 I had to mention these alleged allegations (kindly) and maybe that the boys should sit down and tell their sides. She was very sweet about it. I thanked her for the e-mail and mentioned I liked staying in the loop.

That was that!

So I get a very nice e-mail in my in-box today… 

Hi Mom of Buster,


Just following up about the wrestling incident…


I had a good talk with the boys at recess.  They each got to tell me
their side of the story.  We problem solved and Buster agreed to be
responsible and do the job/task that I ask him to do.  He did a great
job getting ready to go home today!


First name only of Miss So and So 

That’s much better. I hope his “responsible” behaviour lasts more than one day!

I appreciate all of your advice and comments!

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Let me preface this by the title I see in my inbox…First I noticed his teacher’s name MISS SoandSo and then I see the title next to it…Buster Wrestling

Never a good sign, never. I must say my heart dropped a little because he also has some previous offenses. But I had to read on… 

Hi (mother of Buster),

Just a quick note about an incident that happened at the end of the

While getting ready to go home and I was attending to a student in the
class, (Buster) and another student began to wrestle.  This is unacceptable
and (Buster) owes me his recess tomorrow.  I need (Buster) to be responsible for
himself and be able to do what he should be doing even if I am not
watching him every minute.  I talked briefly with him about this and
will talk more with him tomorrow.

Thank you,

(Miss SoandSo)


Can I blame it all on my little brother? He gave my son a punching bag with two sets of gloves for Christmas. Then he proceeded over the next two weeks to give him some lessons in fighting.

About two weeks after the winter break my husband received a call (because I couldn’t be reached) that Buster had knocked a kid’s tooth out on the bus! 

 I screamed. This was my baby. My gentle giant. Who is so incredible with his younger siblings. Then I text messaged my ENTIRE family. A crisis like this could not be kept silent. Of course my little brother, the cause of all this trouble text-ed back “Did the kid deserve it?”

Needless to say I loaded Buster up in the mini and headed straight over to the victim’s house for an apology. 

This boy thing is new to me. He is the first born, so after the first five seconds the two werethe best of friends and we had a play-date set up for the next week.

When asked what brought on the assault Buster’s reply was “He was annoying me so I karate chopped him.”

I should also note that the victim’s front tooth was ready to fall out, and he was actually happy that Buster took care of it for him. Although there was some blood involved, and I’m sure all the kindergartners went home and told their parents.

Next incident…yes there was also another one after this catastrophe. Apparently the game was “War” a favorite of the kindies, it is always between the boys and the girls. One engaging young boy decided to play on the girls team. Buster didn’t like this and threatened him.

The next day the boy again played on the girls side. Buster threw him down on the ground, and another boy came to the victim’s rescue.  

Fast forward to today…although this sounds like both parties were in agreement to wrestle WHAT IS UP WITH MY SON?!!

Is he doomed?

I involve him in other physical activities. What I really would like to do would be to put him in a martial arts class where the instructor puts the fear into them that they must never fight outside of class.

In the meantime, funds are low, and the local YMCA Basketball will have to do.

I try to reassure the other parents that we are a normal, peaceful home.

Oh dear.

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