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Well after the sob fest Wednesday night I received some wonderful phone messages.

I’m lucky. I have collected some very choice friends along my journey in life. Two of them called me Wednesday night but my phone was in the car. Instead of chatting about happy times gone by and catching up I was sitting alone crying.

Granted, we all need those nights to cry when no one is watching, but I would have loved to talk to my girls!

There’s nothing that makes me feel younger than hanging out with my 30-something gals!

Who else could you go to a Kelly Clarksen concert with and not feel awkward around all the teenagers?

jen and eve

Please note the 11 year olds in the background…and why are we the only ones rocking out?

Yes, I was quite the mosher in my day.
Do they still say mosh? Anyone?

I do love my friends. I miss the ones I’ve had to leave along the way, but that’s the beauty of today’s world. They are never REALLY far away.  We’ve got cell phones and blog sites and picture sites and instant messaging, and web-cams. And true friends do visit each-other, even if you happen to live at the edge of civilization in a very rainy part of the country.

The other wonderful thing about girlfriends is no matter where I go, I seem to find some real gems. I’ve been lucky with this recent move to meet some “kindred spirits.” Women that I can call and ask “I’ll clean your kitchen if you’ll clean mine.” or more often than that “I don’t feel like lifting a finger today. Can we ditch our house keeping duties together and can my kids trash your house while we do it?”   It’s great.

Speaking of making new friends, today some fellow female bloggers are driving from the far reaches of the Northwest, and meeting up in Seattle. I’m really  excited to meet everyone. I’m totally green to this blogging world and I don’t know what to expect, but I’m hopeful to come away with the beginnings of some fun relationships.

I’ll bring the digital camera and cross my fingers for some really good, embarrassing photos that I can post and talk about later!


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So, my apologies my friends, the drug of choice for me this week was a little game called “Viva Pinata.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it. If not, just know it’s a game designed for CHILDREN on the Xbox 360.   My  brother-in-law bought it and lent it to us,  (let’s see if he ever gets it back) telling me Buster may like it, but beware, he had read a review that parents loved it more than their kids. I laughed,  I’m no gamer, I wasn’t scared. I went ahead and pursued it as a fun little game both my son and I could enjoy together.

It started off well, we planted a little garden together. Whirims came, and Sparrowmints, lots of little cute painted pinata’s wanted to stay in our garden. Buster and I found it very exciting.

Perhaps Mommy found it a little TOO exciting. I became a little controlling, a little greedy, a little worried Buster would ruin everything we had worked so hard to accomplish!! And my pinatas! They were getting sick! He wasn’t hitting the Sour Shellybean! He wasn’t investing his chocolate coins in the right kinds of seeds! He wasn’t starting his Sour Totem Poll and I worried sick about having to chase the bad pinatas out of my garden all the time. PINATAS WERE DYING!  I needed to romance them! All Buster wanted to do was dig more ponds!

People do you understand where I am coming from? I couldn’t let him play that garden anymore. I just couldn’t…after all I had worked towards.

I realize I’m a freak. I hope I haven’t scared you all off…but when YOU get to level 44 and YOU become “Ultimate Gardener”  YOU go ahead and try to let a five year old play your garden.

It’s physically impossible.

Happier news, Buster has started his own garden now and made me swear that I won’t get involved. . .I have to leave the room when he’s playing.

Viva Pinata

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I believe her name is Jane, but I can’t be 100% certain, as the only name I’ve ever seen is mamadoggylove.  I love her blogs and asked her for some questions…here they are…

1) You are one of six kids. Where do you fall in the order and what were your favorite/least favorite things about growing up with so many siblings?

     My mom and dad had seven children, the fourth, my little brother, passed away in infancy. I am number two, but the first girl. That naturally makes me the second mommy in the house. I LOVED having a large family.  I would love to have a large family but I don’t feel as capable to handle it mentally, and I often feel discouraged as to why my three are such a handful for me, and why can’t I be more like my mom?      

          What did I love most about having a large family? The games, the constant playmates, the imaginative ideas we had that just grew into these wonderful days of tee-pee making, and fort building.  Digging holes in the tall grass and covering them up so someone would fall in. Baseball. Water fights. Little sisters trusting me to chop off their hair, and then hiding the cut hair in the closet so Mom wouldn’t notice. Get togethers now where we remember fun stories. Knowing if I really need something I have quite a few people to call. 

        What was the downfall of having a big family? I really can’t say, from my perspective.  I had privacy, food, not the best clothes, but that builds character. Maybe I was lucky. The younger ones complain about things, like not enough attention and not being noticed.  I wonder, did I just not need more attention? My older brother was 1 year older, my younger brother was 1 year younger, we were always together, but I never felt the lack of attention. I don’t think they did either.  The three younger girls, we would lump them together and call them “the little girls.”  “Where’s my hat?”  “You left it in the little girls room.”  They all had this huge bonus room and the older three, we all had our own rooms. I don’t think they liked it. But still to this day, especially now that I’m the only girl with kids in my family, I  feel a little left out of “the little girls” and their relationship with eachother. 

      Is that too much? I really could talk about my family all day long.  

2) You mentioned that you love reality t.v. Which can you absolutely not live without and why? 

     I think I could live without them all and it would be better for me if they did not exist. Then I would have more time for the important stuff, like blogging. 🙂  I think if I had to name the one I couldn’t get enough of it was the whole Laguna Beach/The Hills.  I don’t know why. The girl drama is just too intriguing for me. I always want the nice girl to finish first and everyone to get what’s coming to them.

3) You and your husband met at a surf shop… you said it wasn’t love at first sight. How and when did you know he was The One?

   Oh Hubby, he’s so sweet. He is the nice guy. I guess what needs to be revealed is that I had a “previous marriage.”  I’ll wait for the gasps to die down. Yes everyone I had a previous marriage, to a High-school sweetheart, it turned out to be not so sweet, surprise, surprise. We were both very young.  So I left that relationship with the knowledge of what I DIDN’T want.  I didn’t want someone young,  and inexperienced. I wanted someone that could buy me a house right away, someone that was wise to the world, but very good at the same time.

Hubby looked like he was 19. He was always blushing, and a little nervous, and awkward. My roommate was always asking why I was dating him. I kept saying it was just for fun and soon I would have to break the poor boy’s heart. He told me he loved me after three weeks. I had to end in soon after that, I just knew it. And I tried to tell him I might never feel the same. He then did something very smart, he gave me permission to break his heart. He said he could handle whatever happened. After that I didn’t feel any pressure from him.  It was very easy to fall in love with him, he was different than all the other boys out there. He was genuine. There were no games between us, and we were engaged after two months of dating. Married after a total of 7 months. Never have I regretted it. I often wonder if he got more than he bargained for. But he loves me despite myself. It’s wonderful to feel this comfortable in a relationship. It will be 7 years this June.

4) What brought you and your family to Seattle from Southern California, and do you think you will live there for a long time?

      My husband was born and raised in Orange County, CA. He’s never lived anywhere else. Every-time we came up to Seattle to visit the family he joked about moving here. Then finally one Christmas he told me that sometimes he just felt stupid for living in California when he felt there was so much more for a middle-income family up here. He’s very brave and hard working, he took the leap and started his own Cabinetry bbusiness up here. He also bought a hard wood supply shop. So he has a lot on his plate. It was a tough decision, but even though I have always in my heart wanted to live in California for the rest of my life, I knew it was right. And I’m very proud of him.  I think we’ve made it through the roughest patch of the transition.  

5) We share a disdain for house cleaning. If there was ONE house chore that you never had to do ever again, what would it be and why?

     BATHROOM! It grosses me out.  I have to put on gloves and keep my head very far away form the grossness. Yes that is a word.  I think it will only get worse as my young grow into teenagers. (Although, by then they can clean it!)

So thanks Mama! And anyone who’s actually finished reading this very long winded post.  But I guess that’s what is so nice about having your very own blog. 

If anyone else wants an interview, I’ll come up with some questions for you.  Just let me know in the comment section.  

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“You know I want to bath in your golden light, submerge in electric waves, I need your injection.” Bad Religion

So for Melissa I must give some favorite Dwight quotes from The Office Thursday, because she missed it. And if you don’t get it I’m sorry. But I was laughing hysterically even as I wrote them down.  

Let me set this up; Dwight has just sprayed Roy in the face with pepper spray, everyone in the office is tearing up and coughing. Tears are streaming down Dwight’s face as he says this:

“Everyday for eight years I have brought pepper spray into this office to protect myself and my fellow employee’s. And everyday for eight years people have laughed at me. Well who’s laughing now?”

When Jim tries to give him a gift for protecting him:

“Citizen’s do not accept prizes for being citizen’s”

And finally, when being interviewed after the incident

“No, don’t call me a hero, do you know who the real hero’s are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs and get a distress call from the commissioner and take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real hero’s!”

And my husband insist that I put in the new “Black Man” quote Deryl taught Micheal as he headed in to corporate to ask for a raise…

“Pippity poppity give me the zoppity!”

Love it!

And while my husband was off doing our taxes this evening what did I watch so I didn’t have to be embarrassed for watching it in front of him? The Bachelor, and what quote has made me SWEAR OFF this show and slap myself in the face for watching it? This quote…

“I thought, ‘oh ya know these other women are going to be seeing us dancing over here and they might get jealous but I think that they understand that this other woman needs her time with me as well.”

UGH! Make me want to gag and ARE YOU SERIOUS!

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Melissa tagged me! When I was growing up, a tag meant your name graffitied on a wall somewhere. In blogger world I get to participate in a fun little game. Thanks Melissa! So only five things…here goes…

Music- I cannot live with out it. When I was young I was raised on The Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, BeachBoys, Jim Croche. Junior High I was introduced to The Cure, Pearl Jam, and The Pixies.  High-school, in Seattle right when Grunge was hot, there was no cooler place to live for the music scene.  I wasn’t really into Grunge, but you would think I was by the way I dressed. I preferred the punk rock variety of musicians. Green Day, The Descendants, No FX, Mighty Mighty Bostones. Now I have managed to find music that my kids enjoy as well.  John Mayer and Jack Johnson are never far from reach and I am a huge No Doubt fan. We listen to a lot of British Rock as well because my husband is snobby like that.  

Reality T.V.- a little embarrassed about this one. Thank Heavens for my Tivo, I can record any I want and watch them when hubby is gone, so I don’t get so embarrassed. Why is other people’s drama so intriguing to me? Maybe someday I’ll get my head checked. For now I’m with Melissa, love the AI this season.

The Office-deserves a spot all it’s own. I acknowledge it can be crass at times, but as long as it’s just Hubby and I, we laugh hysterically all the way through.  One time we watched it with his parents and it happened to be the episode about Sexual Harassment. It was SO EMBARRASSING! We learned are lesson and keep that show to ourselves.

Candy-I’m a sugar holic. I’ve admitted on previous posts. Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Watermelons, Red Licorice of the Red Vines decent.  I actually had a band in college with my little sister called Red Licorice.   But that’s a whole other story.

Sunshine-and on that note-Surf Culture-when I was growing up, living in the rainy North West, I had a subscription to Surfer Magazine, and I would pour over the pages, just hoping to pick up some sunshine through osmosis. As luck would have it, I moved down after college to work for a company called Quiksilver, in their corporate office. It was an awesome experience. I met many famous surfers and soaked up the culture. I met my husband in a surf shop and he happened to go to my church. He’s the best surfer ever! But I lucked out because he’s also the best dad and husband ever. Sorry for getting mushy. I planned on raising a little surfing family but my husband fell in love with the Northwest and here we are again. I have to say it is a great place to raise a family. If you’re wondering, I suck at surfing, but a girl can dream.

I have many other obsessions, but I think those are the top five.   

Other blogs I’m obsessed with and will tag now:

Sara @ Hope is Power; Kathryn @ Daring Young Mom; Julie @ Mental Tesserae; Jane? @ Mommydoggylove; Heather @ Apples on a Stick; and Nikki @ Rantings of a stay at home mom 

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Hello again, my site is under construction, hopefully there will be some other nice changes coming soon.

Something happened today that shocked me at first.  I’ve been living in this little bubble, a boy bubble, as I see it. My oldest is only 5 and is male…many of my friends have girls his age, and they play together nicely. He’s always unaffected by the little girl drama that is going on around him. Occasionally he’ll ask me about their behaviour, and I try to explain the mystery that is womanhood. He tries to understand. And I try to help him understand that he’ll never fully understand. 🙂 

He also has little boy friends who he plays with. He plays with them like little boys do, and occasionally he gets into squirmishes  but you know, “boy wills be boys.”  There is comfort in that for me. I’ve seen how girls play first hand, and I have to say that I’m scared for my daughter. She has been raised in a boy bubble.  In her three years on this earth her world has been big brother, little brother, and big brother’s friends. It’s really fun to watch her try and keep up with them. I think she can hold her own. She understands Power Rangers, but of course she always gets to play the Pink Ranger. She’s the hugest Star Wars fan. I didn’t know she even understood Star Wars, but I recently unpacked The Trilogy (IV, V, and VI) put one on for the kids, and there she was, cheering when Chewbacca appeared,  and calling Ben Kenobi Obe One. I was amazed and secretly I cheered.

She has recently been playing with some girls her age.  I will not name names, but she has been introduced to the world of necklaces and purses.  She has lately been requesting that her brother be the “keen” and she be the princess.  I have tried to avoid all things “princess” for three years.  But the one thing I’ve been dreading the most in girl world, it happened today in my own home.

I was watching my friend’s little girl, Sara. She, Missy, and Buster were playing quite nicely. Then I heard the dreaded words “You’re not my friend anymore.” I realized this was Sara talking at my daughter. And then she took it further…”Only Nancy and Sasha are my friends. You’re not my friend.”


NO! Those words are not allowed in my house! I have seen this drama on the playground between familiar groups of girls. I’ve pitied the mothers who have to sort it all out.  I honestly don’t want my daughter to learn that behaviour.

And I had forgotten.  Maybe I pushed it all out of my mind. But in that moment when I heard those words it brought it all back. This is what girls do to each-other.  We are manipulative creatures! And someday in the very near future my daughter will approach me, devastated. Not because of a boy, but because a girl, a friend, no less, has BROKEN her heart and decided that she is no longer her friend!

She didn’t even get it today! Those words has no meaning, no impact on her! She doesn’t know they were meant to hurt her. That’s how I would love to keep it. I would much rather her suffer a bump on the head or bruise on the shin from a lite saber gone awry then those daggers a young miss could throw at her.

And I know the best that I can do is give her self-esteem so the words can deflect a little better, and I pray that she’s more of a leader that includes everyone in her games…

But for now, I think I’ll stick to boy play-dates!

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So there is much I enjoy about this web-log thing, but there is much that is humbling as well. I have a hard time not comparing myself to the brilliant women and men in this world. I have a hard time thinking I’ve accomplished enough and I just can’t help but to compare. I know…it’s sad, it’s pathetic. But sometimes I wonder, am I truly where I want to be in life?

I don’t think it’s all bad, because I’m not the type of person to feel bad and not do anything about it. I have made some positive motions forward…and it will take time…I really want to go back to school. That’s my biggest regret. I’m not sure how to go about it and I’m scared.  I don’t know if my brain can handle the courses I don’t like. Biology, algebra, anything in the scientific or mathematical realm. Maybe I should try to take courses from Australia, there they go straight to what they enjoy, humanities, liberal arts, that’s more my style.

Where is all this blah blah going? Well I’m slightly embarassed to admit that I’ve been obsessed  with something that I feel many of my blogging buddies do not waste their time with. 

That’s right, I’m talking about American Idol folks! It really has me hooked this season.  In my defense, I really haven’t had the attention span for it in the past. I’ve enjoyed the opening auditions, but when it gets to the top 12 I loose interest.  Maybe it’s because I feel the same about it as politics. My vote doesn’t really count.  Also, everyone uses the same old songs, with the same old sound. I consider myself a music connoisseur, and many of these people must be BLIND to what is out there.

This season it’s been different. This season there has been a little somethin’ I like to call DIVERSITY. Musically, of course.  With contestants like Blake Lewis, Chris Sligh, Chris Richardson, and Gina Glocksen I’ve actually heard music from fantastic artists! This season my ears actually beheld songs from The Cure, 311, The Police, Keane, The Pretenders and Jamariquai…and even when I had to put up with the same old same old, some of these people put some great twists on the oldies! Of course they got knocked by the judges for some of these decisions, but in my living room I was clapping! Bravo! That’s what I say, don’t let them change you, these guys may not be able to belt it out like LaKisha, but I’m loving the new flavor.

What makes me furious is these supposed music professionals who call themselves judges don’t even know who some of these artists. They need to be studying more so they don’t look like fools.

Okay so I’m done with my rant.

And while I’m coming clean I also LOVE The Office, can’t get enough of it…I’m already thinking about the fact that someday it will go off the air, and nothing can replace it. Funniest sitcom I’ve ever seen!  But I’m not so embarassed about that. Maybe I’m trying to redeem myself?

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