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…wait…food…sustinance…a shower if I have the strength…then I may be able to tell my story…

Okay so I was SO tired last night I couldn’t shower, I could barely manage to fall in to my bed. I hope I’m able to convey my story in a way which you will understand the HORRORS of what I went through…

“Hot Yoga”  my little sister mentioned. SHE wanted to try it. I told her I thought it was admirible, but it sounded horrific. Needless to say I found myself going with her last night.

105 degrees  I’ll let that sink in…

“…105 degrees and we ask that you don’t leave the room until the very end of class.” They said.  I was terrified. Just walking into the room was torture for me and I didn’t know how I would work out in such conditions.  I paced the hallways, went to the bathroom twice, and finally commited. I walked in. They shut the doors behind me.  All I could do was stand helplessly on my mat while I gulped water.

A skinny, hairy man taught the class. I knew the type. I’m no stranger to yoga, but this wasn’t your momma’s yoga. His voice wan’t the soft calm voice of a yoga instructor but rather fast and bossy, like an auctioneer. 

I found that movement was my friend in this furnace. When I moved, I could create a small breeze. We went through the different standing poses and I found myself enjoying the class. I’ve always loved yoga, I love that it’s personal. You must only work at your own pace. Everyone seems to have their own strengths and weaknesses. I had many weaknesses this night.  Usually I have great balance. But my chi was thrown off by the heat! Then we went down to floor poses. I thought this meant the class was almost over. I spent the next 45 minutes struggling to survive this class…

I’m reminded of this road trip I took with a loser ex-boyfriend.  He drove a junky little Toyota with no AC.  We drove from California to Yuma, Arizona, in the summertime, with no AIR CONDITIONING!  We had these gallons of water with us in the cab. They were supposed to be for the radiator. In my desperation I started pouring the water on us as we drove. To me it was quite hilarious. It annoyed my loser ex-boyfriend. He didn’t want his back all sticky. This brought me much delight, and made me pour more, and laugh harder.

I really wanted to pour what contents I had left in my water bottle over my body. I don’t know what stopped me. I was already drenched with sweat from every pore of my body. I felt like Ebeneezer Scrooge in the Disney version, of course, where he’s pushed into a firey grave. I almost started shouting in delirium…

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach. Oh, tell me I may sponge away the writing on this stone!”

Finally after much inner torture the teacher declared “Namaste.” I practically ran into the fresh air.  I felt a bit nauseous on the ride home.

The worst part is my little sister LOVED it and is ready to sign us up for the next 4 months of classes. Maybe I need to give it a chance. Maybe the first class is the worst? I don’t know. I’ll let you know how the journey goes.


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Yesterday morning I dug my cell phone out of my purse, where it had been buried for the entire weekend. I decided that calling back the 6 people that had tried to contact me would be a good way to avoid the 20 piles of clothes in my laundry room.

I keep forgeting how ambitious my friend Jen is. She’s always up to something. When I had called, I caught her in the midst of this little game she was playing. Let me preface with the fact that she has four children, spanning the ages of 5 through 12. They’re gone during the day, and she can’t sit still. (Hmmm, sounds like a personal problem.) So she has time to invent games like the one she had busied herself with that day.

She had found herself with much laundry to do, and it was a Monday so the house had it’s usual Weekend clutter collection. To take care of them both in a timely manner here were the rules to her game…

  • start a load and set the timer for 30 minutes. That way you make sure you are rotating your laundry in a timely fashion.

Umm, can I make it an hour? My washer fills up SO slowly because we’re on well water, and my dryer takes at least 70 minutes.

  • Yes you can make it 60 minutes, what ever works for you, just so that it’s consistant.
  • during this 30(or 60) minutes you must plan ahead what you are going to be doing in each alotted time slot
  • for 30 (or 60)minutes she was going to speed clean, that consisted of picking up anything that was out of place and throwing it in it’s correct room.

Jen, wait! I have a question! Do you put the childrens stuff away?

  • “NO! Absolutely not, this is a speed clean, don’t stop for anything, and the kids can put their stuff away at the end of the day, it’s their responsibility.”
  • one of her time slots might be for gardening
  • one for the kitchen
  • and so on…

Jen! Wait, what about lunch?

  • yes, you can break for lunch.

And when do you fold your laundry?

  • at the end of the day you fold all the laundry that you’ve thrown on your bed (for wrinkle prevention) and that’s when you can talk on the phone or watch T.V. but it’s nice to get it all folded at once.
  • But don’t do more than 5 loads in one day, because 5 is PLENTY!

The key thing to remember is to keep rotating the laundry, and speed clean, don’t concentrate on details…(at this moment in the conversation Jen screamed that she only had 2 minutes left and she had to run, but she was “kind of having fun with it.”)

This sounded like something I could possibly, maybe handle? At this point in my homemaking career I am really ready to try anything new.

So here’s how this game worked with Eve as a player…

10:30~Hang up with Jen, pumped. Set timer…began putting dishes away. (I think I’m  already  breaking the rules.) 

10:40~daughter hungry because she refused to eat breakfast. What does that girl have against cold cereal? I ponder. And then I make her a sandwich.

10:50~check the rest of my phone messages. My dad had come for a visit on Sunday but we weren’t home! This begs for an IMMEDIATE return call! Dad was sweet about it.

11:01~ I find a glitch in the system. No matter where I go I have this little shadow, my Bubba, and he wants whatever I have in my hand!

11:10 succumb to temptation and put the children in front of electric babysitter. ALARM GOES OFF! Aaaah! Did I only set in for 30 minutes? No way my clothes are dry!. Check the clothes, they aren’t. Restart timer for 30 minutes more. Decide I’m going to just take a “peek” at my e-mail. I’m waiting for a possible babysitter and it’s of the UTMOST importance.

11:35~ get up from e-mail. Kids of course want a computer game because I’m using it. Take some time to get them started on some “educational entertainment.” 

12:09~ check laundry-1 load down, 4 to go.

12:20~ pick up kindergartener from bus stop. Decide to walk to the park for lunch! SHE SAID I COULD BREAK FOR LUNCH PEOPLE!

2:21~ Back from a lovely day at the park, it was refreshing and I feel ready to face 4 more loads and the speed cleaning.

2:49~ finished rotating 2nd load. If I’m supposed to rotate 5 loads in 5 hours I have exactly 40 minutes left! Hmmm…not doing so well…

4:40 Start dinner. I have thus far accomplish folding 1/2 a load (of towels) AND putting it away. (which is totally against the rules but there was something good on pay per view.) 

4:45~Rotated 3rd load, put in 4th.  I’m optimistic I will finish 5 by the end of the day. 

End of the day summary…so the game didn’t quite work out perfectly but it was a means to get me jumped started. I did get my downstairs picked up and company appropriate. I did get the laundry organized. The clothes are still in my room, and SURPRISE! Not folded yet, but tomorrow is another day right?  I did do yard work with my family (which was a lot of fun) and I cleaned up the dinner dishes, which is not a normal habit of mine. I think that this game was in the very least a good influence on me. The reason I liked this game was it did get me jump starting and in a cleaning mode…which is VERY HARD to kick start sometimes. I sometimes have a hard time focusing on just one task which is why if I did this correctly, it would help that problem.

So try it yourself…see if it works for you and if you like working against a clock. For those of us who are procrastinators and love to work under the gun this may be the perfect thing.

Maybe next time I’ll do even better because I’ll be mentally prepared, and have a clear picture in my mind of what I want to accomplish.

Cheers Jen! My family thanks you.


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That's My Boy

I’m a blubbering idiot.

When am I going to be able to handle my children’s rights and passages in life with some grace?

I held in the tears as best I could. But I could NOT wipe the HUGE grin off my face as I watched my first born hoola- hoop for his P.E. assembly last week.

He gets it from his momma! I was Good Enough family reunion hula- hoop champion when I was, like…9?  

It couldn’t have been easy for him, a 6 year old, with his daddy’s physical disposition towards…well…girth. And he was one of two asked to participate out of his class. It was very exciting. To make it into the performance he had to hoola-hoop for over a minute straight!

I was so thrilled.

But honestly, I would like to stop shedding tears over matters such as these and just have a pleasant, un-embarrassing afternoon! So help me!

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Jane is featuring an old photo every Thursday. I love it. I think it’s hilarious, and of course all those fun memories make me smile!


I’m so impressed with us here, Bachelor Bro, in the background, front row is Sunshine Girl, Me, and Kiki (who also poses as Literary Geek) we wanted to play Indians because we got a tee-pee from my Aunt. We hung blankets all around the room that would create the proper ambiance. And in my hand you’ll notice I’m holding a hand made hatchet! Out of tinfoil! Those are also handmade bows out of twigs and yarn. Love this! I only hope my kids will grow up to play like this!


Pictured: All of my living siblings, taken about 15 years ago. Far left Bachelor Bro speak no evil, Sunshine girl see no evil, Kiki (Literary Geek) hear no evil, Weirdo Bro smell no evil, and lil’ Meg decided to go hear no evil as well. I happened to be taking the photo. As you can see, we have an odd sense of humor!

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Scotty hotty

Sara  inspired the contest and Chris brought on this next bit so blame her!

Hubby’s a hotty
He looks like a teenager
I don’t think that’s bad

He puts up with me
Never hesitates to change
A dirty diaper

It’s hard work being “the man”
Thanks for everything

Really what I want to ask is for a cheesy Haiku on why your husband is the most beautiful.

Tag you’re it…and pictures if you dare!

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So, my apologies my friends, the drug of choice for me this week was a little game called “Viva Pinata.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it. If not, just know it’s a game designed for CHILDREN on the Xbox 360.   My  brother-in-law bought it and lent it to us,  (let’s see if he ever gets it back) telling me Buster may like it, but beware, he had read a review that parents loved it more than their kids. I laughed,  I’m no gamer, I wasn’t scared. I went ahead and pursued it as a fun little game both my son and I could enjoy together.

It started off well, we planted a little garden together. Whirims came, and Sparrowmints, lots of little cute painted pinata’s wanted to stay in our garden. Buster and I found it very exciting.

Perhaps Mommy found it a little TOO exciting. I became a little controlling, a little greedy, a little worried Buster would ruin everything we had worked so hard to accomplish!! And my pinatas! They were getting sick! He wasn’t hitting the Sour Shellybean! He wasn’t investing his chocolate coins in the right kinds of seeds! He wasn’t starting his Sour Totem Poll and I worried sick about having to chase the bad pinatas out of my garden all the time. PINATAS WERE DYING!  I needed to romance them! All Buster wanted to do was dig more ponds!

People do you understand where I am coming from? I couldn’t let him play that garden anymore. I just couldn’t…after all I had worked towards.

I realize I’m a freak. I hope I haven’t scared you all off…but when YOU get to level 44 and YOU become “Ultimate Gardener”  YOU go ahead and try to let a five year old play your garden.

It’s physically impossible.

Happier news, Buster has started his own garden now and made me swear that I won’t get involved. . .I have to leave the room when he’s playing.

Viva Pinata

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Melissa tagged me! When I was growing up, a tag meant your name graffitied on a wall somewhere. In blogger world I get to participate in a fun little game. Thanks Melissa! So only five things…here goes…

Music- I cannot live with out it. When I was young I was raised on The Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, BeachBoys, Jim Croche. Junior High I was introduced to The Cure, Pearl Jam, and The Pixies.  High-school, in Seattle right when Grunge was hot, there was no cooler place to live for the music scene.  I wasn’t really into Grunge, but you would think I was by the way I dressed. I preferred the punk rock variety of musicians. Green Day, The Descendants, No FX, Mighty Mighty Bostones. Now I have managed to find music that my kids enjoy as well.  John Mayer and Jack Johnson are never far from reach and I am a huge No Doubt fan. We listen to a lot of British Rock as well because my husband is snobby like that.  

Reality T.V.- a little embarrassed about this one. Thank Heavens for my Tivo, I can record any I want and watch them when hubby is gone, so I don’t get so embarrassed. Why is other people’s drama so intriguing to me? Maybe someday I’ll get my head checked. For now I’m with Melissa, love the AI this season.

The Office-deserves a spot all it’s own. I acknowledge it can be crass at times, but as long as it’s just Hubby and I, we laugh hysterically all the way through.  One time we watched it with his parents and it happened to be the episode about Sexual Harassment. It was SO EMBARRASSING! We learned are lesson and keep that show to ourselves.

Candy-I’m a sugar holic. I’ve admitted on previous posts. Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Watermelons, Red Licorice of the Red Vines decent.  I actually had a band in college with my little sister called Red Licorice.   But that’s a whole other story.

Sunshine-and on that note-Surf Culture-when I was growing up, living in the rainy North West, I had a subscription to Surfer Magazine, and I would pour over the pages, just hoping to pick up some sunshine through osmosis. As luck would have it, I moved down after college to work for a company called Quiksilver, in their corporate office. It was an awesome experience. I met many famous surfers and soaked up the culture. I met my husband in a surf shop and he happened to go to my church. He’s the best surfer ever! But I lucked out because he’s also the best dad and husband ever. Sorry for getting mushy. I planned on raising a little surfing family but my husband fell in love with the Northwest and here we are again. I have to say it is a great place to raise a family. If you’re wondering, I suck at surfing, but a girl can dream.

I have many other obsessions, but I think those are the top five.   

Other blogs I’m obsessed with and will tag now:

Sara @ Hope is Power; Kathryn @ Daring Young Mom; Julie @ Mental Tesserae; Jane? @ Mommydoggylove; Heather @ Apples on a Stick; and Nikki @ Rantings of a stay at home mom 

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