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The Blues

Well my head is reeling.  The shootings at Virginia Tech, what a tragedy. What horrifies me is these types of crimes are happening more often. I envision a future for my children with metal detectors at every school and campus, store and business.  Really, really sad. My heart goes out to all the families that lost someone, and the students and teachers that had to witness the events.


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My son was frustrated with his siblings. Of course he was the one getting in trouble for trying to wrestle with a 3 and 1 year old.
He said “I just want some alone time!”
I completely understand.
When you’re so used to using the ladies room with the door open, that you forget to shut it when guests are over, you know you need a break!


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You Are an Easter Egg

You’re so sweet, you don’t need candy. You much prefer the taste of artificial coloring instead.

What Easter Candy Are You?

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My brother just taught me how to post a REAL picture! I’m very excited about this. Me, in the middle…my 30th birthday, two of my three sisters. Luv ’em.

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Your landlord shows up at your door to check on your plumbing issues, and you’ve been taking a nap while the kids watch Blue Clues,

your not wearing a bra yet,

you have to say, “wait a minute while I clear a path”

he asks if the garbage men have been forgetting to pick up the trash(they really  have!) and he mentions that with all the diapers we have, it needs to be picked up. (NOT MY FAULT!)

he asks if the kids gotten into the fingerpaint (it’s all over the upstairs wall)

he notices there’s a dog in your garage, he didn’t know you had a dog…

Doesn’t your life seem even more pathetic when someone of authority shows up to remind you that you have NOTHING and you are a terrible housekeeper, and


Needless to say I called up my mom afterwards and began hyperventilating on the phone.

I can’t do this, I don’t know where to start. The house is a complete pile and my mother-in-law is flying up tomorrow.

Whoa is me. I’m having an “I suck!” Day.

Haven’t you heard? It’s now a national holiday.

At least I did something right. Because my kids are adorable…and I married a good man that’s doing everything in his power to make my life life good. Which is maybe part of why I feel so bad.

I have a plan. After the house is cleaned I’m going to call my landlord and complain about something, and he’ll come over and see what a good home maker I am.

I’m not a pathetic person in “real life!”

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I’ve had a busy day.  You know those days where the kids all seem to sense something is going on, like if they open their eyes they’ll see the balloons and candy momma left at the ends of their beds. How do they know that? So one by one, starting at 4:30 am, they awoke, and the last child was up by 6:30.

Hubby stayed home for the morning, and presented me with breakfast in bed which consisted of a 2lb box of hand picked chocolates.  So I’m not liable for what happened today as I lived off of them, literally, I think a sugar cookie may have been tost into the mix. I went to help with Buster’s Kindergarten Valentine’s party.  Good news is that I actually had a shower before I left. I don’t want to be know as smelly mom. After that I must have blacked out because everything is a blur. Bubba had crashed on my bed, because he’s been up since 4:30 ( if I need to remind anyone). And of course he woke as soon as I arrived home from school and Daddy left for work. I think I threw everything upstairs preparing for the next party I was hosting for some 8 year old girls in my church. I blacked out again but I’m sure you don’t need details of a group of 8 year old girls, plus my 3, with paints and glitter and all manner of messy, staining, and sticky mixtures thrown all about the kitchen.

I think I said goodbye to thegirls, hopefully they heard me over my own children’s cries of hunger. Dinner? What dinner?  Here, have another sugar cookie, we have about a dozen left. I can barely see straight on this mix of sugar, lack of sleep, and stress. I seem to remember hubby coming home with some form of sustenance, grease of some sort…then leaving for Boy Scouts, and his weekly game of basketball. Somehow my kids ended up in bed, and that brings me to now. Now, ahhh, yes John Mayer live in concert on TV.  John’s my favorite. He can be my valentine tonight. And I’ve still got half of my chocolates. That’s right I’ve only eaten a pound so far. It’s either John Mayer or “Too Legit to Quit, The MC Hammer story.”

Don’t feel sorry, all will turn out right in the end, my little sister offered to babysit on Friday night. Hubby and I can reconnect then, besides, I’ve been reading all these sappy blogs about Hubby’s needing time for themselves as well. Now that we’ve moved to a place where he can no longer surf on saturdays, I encourage this male comradery.

So you go people, I hope you have your dates or future plans, I hope everyone is as comfy as I am at this beautiful moment in time, where the house is still, the dog is snoring, and Johnny’s on TV. Sing to me Johnny!

xoxo all you hard working people!


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Hello world!

             Wow, can I really write anything I want to on this foreign concept called a “blog” and people might read it. Kind of scary. Do I have anything worthwhile to say? I’m not sure, but I hope so.

So this is me…

               I go through my day and I collect points, kind of weird I know, but I’m a mom of three young children. For example, yesterday I walked them from our house to a nearby lake for some fun. I even took the dog. Yes, two in the double stroller, and tugging the huge American Bulldog along, all the while making sure the five year old  stayed close by.

           This is an extremely difficult task, yet in accomplishing it without to much yelling, I won 10 points. Other tasks less difficult, yet extremely boring. Dishes, 5 points.  Laundry, another 5.  Kids haven’t watched any TV for half a day, wow, that’s definately 10.

          It’s just that I started this journey of motherhood with some naivety, I know, don’t we all, but I grew up one of the oldest in a very large family. I knew what was coming. And sure, the first child started out bright enough, after surviving his 8 months of colic, it went away as soon as he could walk, then it was nothing but nuturing, educating, felid trips and fun.  When  Buster was 2 1/2  his little sister Missy showed up.  Definately an adjustment, she was different, not as many feild trips now, and the creative juices that I had at first, and prided myself in, weren’t flowing as rapidly. 

Then came number three, Bubba, is 1 year old, and we moved to this town where there is nothing, and it rains often. This has sucked whatever juice I had left. I feel awful about it, the fact that I’m not the kind of mom I want to be. I feel like I’m just surviving. Then on days like yesterday I think, well, maybe I’m good enough?    

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