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Last night I was up late, but not by choice.

My husband has his own cabinetry business. His employee quick before a huge deadline. He’s been working long and late hours.  Last night was no different.

I’ve described my chateau, it’s old, rickety, and has many windows. When my husband is gone for the evening I make sure and lock everything up and draw the blinds. But not last night. Last night I had a sitter until about 10pm…she happened to be my sister. I walked her to her car and returned to the house.

An hour and a half later my baby woke up with a dirty diaper. I changed him and put him back down.  Just then my dog began to bark furiously. She doesn’t bark very often.  I went to the top of the stairs to see if my husband was home. It was then that I noticed the front door was open! My husband was not home. His truck was not in the driveway. I reached down the stairs and slammed the front door shut and went back to the top. My dog was still barking. She kept barking from the top of the stairs, and the hair on her spine was stiff and straight.

I remembered my cell phone was downstairs…it had all my numbers in it. Who was I going to call? I only have two numbers memorized. My husband’s cell and of course 911. My husband was working 20 minutes away. I did have a phone line which we rarely use in my room. I was debating calling to police. We live in a sleepy town and surely they had the time to come do a little perimeter check for any “perps.” 

I went into my room leaving my door open and all the upstairs lights on. My dog did not move from her position atthe top of the stairs. And she was growling. So who was I going to call? Although I didn’t want to interrupt my husbands work, I was hesitant to call 911.

I called my husband. Of course he laughed and said it was probably just a deer. It was not a deer! I insisted. “Give me 20 more minutes here,” he asked. “I’m almost finished.”  

“okay…”  I tried to be brave but my mind was racing. 20 minutes at work, 20 minutes to drive home. 40 minutes! To many scenarios could take place in that amount of time. What would I do to the intruder if he got past my dog? I looked around for the large wooden bat we kept for such instances. We watch the movies! Everyone has baseball bats by their beds. This one happened to be an original Louisville Slugger. Very sturdy. But it wasn’t doing me much good now because I could not find it. I really wanted to shut my door and lock it, but the children were all sleeping snug in their beds, down on the other end of the hallway.  I had to keep an eye on them as well.   

Missy was having a nightmare. I could hear her crying in her room. I willed her to stop. “Shhhh…quiet now. Mommy can’t come get you.” I was trigger happy. Ready to call the police at the slightest noise.

Well I did hear some bumps and thumps. They were coming from downstairs. My heart was pounding through my chest! I know I’m a chicken at night but this was the worst it’s ever been.

Dog, still barking at the top of the stairs. Missy is fake crying now. I called my husband again.

“Get home now or I will call the police.”

“5 more minutes?”

“I’m serious, I’m really scared.”


He arrived home about 30 minutes later. I was in bed. Lights all blaring. Phone at my fingertips. I was very happy to see him.

He took the dog out and they checked the perimeter. He gave the all clear, and I was finally able to go to sleep. What a night. I’ll be glad when Husband gets his project done.


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Hello again, my site is under construction, hopefully there will be some other nice changes coming soon.

Something happened today that shocked me at first.  I’ve been living in this little bubble, a boy bubble, as I see it. My oldest is only 5 and is male…many of my friends have girls his age, and they play together nicely. He’s always unaffected by the little girl drama that is going on around him. Occasionally he’ll ask me about their behaviour, and I try to explain the mystery that is womanhood. He tries to understand. And I try to help him understand that he’ll never fully understand. 🙂 

He also has little boy friends who he plays with. He plays with them like little boys do, and occasionally he gets into squirmishes  but you know, “boy wills be boys.”  There is comfort in that for me. I’ve seen how girls play first hand, and I have to say that I’m scared for my daughter. She has been raised in a boy bubble.  In her three years on this earth her world has been big brother, little brother, and big brother’s friends. It’s really fun to watch her try and keep up with them. I think she can hold her own. She understands Power Rangers, but of course she always gets to play the Pink Ranger. She’s the hugest Star Wars fan. I didn’t know she even understood Star Wars, but I recently unpacked The Trilogy (IV, V, and VI) put one on for the kids, and there she was, cheering when Chewbacca appeared,  and calling Ben Kenobi Obe One. I was amazed and secretly I cheered.

She has recently been playing with some girls her age.  I will not name names, but she has been introduced to the world of necklaces and purses.  She has lately been requesting that her brother be the “keen” and she be the princess.  I have tried to avoid all things “princess” for three years.  But the one thing I’ve been dreading the most in girl world, it happened today in my own home.

I was watching my friend’s little girl, Sara. She, Missy, and Buster were playing quite nicely. Then I heard the dreaded words “You’re not my friend anymore.” I realized this was Sara talking at my daughter. And then she took it further…”Only Nancy and Sasha are my friends. You’re not my friend.”


NO! Those words are not allowed in my house! I have seen this drama on the playground between familiar groups of girls. I’ve pitied the mothers who have to sort it all out.  I honestly don’t want my daughter to learn that behaviour.

And I had forgotten.  Maybe I pushed it all out of my mind. But in that moment when I heard those words it brought it all back. This is what girls do to each-other.  We are manipulative creatures! And someday in the very near future my daughter will approach me, devastated. Not because of a boy, but because a girl, a friend, no less, has BROKEN her heart and decided that she is no longer her friend!

She didn’t even get it today! Those words has no meaning, no impact on her! She doesn’t know they were meant to hurt her. That’s how I would love to keep it. I would much rather her suffer a bump on the head or bruise on the shin from a lite saber gone awry then those daggers a young miss could throw at her.

And I know the best that I can do is give her self-esteem so the words can deflect a little better, and I pray that she’s more of a leader that includes everyone in her games…

But for now, I think I’ll stick to boy play-dates!

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