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Well after the sob fest Wednesday night I received some wonderful phone messages.

I’m lucky. I have collected some very choice friends along my journey in life. Two of them called me Wednesday night but my phone was in the car. Instead of chatting about happy times gone by and catching up I was sitting alone crying.

Granted, we all need those nights to cry when no one is watching, but I would have loved to talk to my girls!

There’s nothing that makes me feel younger than hanging out with my 30-something gals!

Who else could you go to a Kelly Clarksen concert with and not feel awkward around all the teenagers?

jen and eve

Please note the 11 year olds in the background…and why are we the only ones rocking out?

Yes, I was quite the mosher in my day.
Do they still say mosh? Anyone?

I do love my friends. I miss the ones I’ve had to leave along the way, but that’s the beauty of today’s world. They are never REALLY far away.  We’ve got cell phones and blog sites and picture sites and instant messaging, and web-cams. And true friends do visit each-other, even if you happen to live at the edge of civilization in a very rainy part of the country.

The other wonderful thing about girlfriends is no matter where I go, I seem to find some real gems. I’ve been lucky with this recent move to meet some “kindred spirits.” Women that I can call and ask “I’ll clean your kitchen if you’ll clean mine.” or more often than that “I don’t feel like lifting a finger today. Can we ditch our house keeping duties together and can my kids trash your house while we do it?”   It’s great.

Speaking of making new friends, today some fellow female bloggers are driving from the far reaches of the Northwest, and meeting up in Seattle. I’m really  excited to meet everyone. I’m totally green to this blogging world and I don’t know what to expect, but I’m hopeful to come away with the beginnings of some fun relationships.

I’ll bring the digital camera and cross my fingers for some really good, embarrassing photos that I can post and talk about later!


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What a long and strange day for me.

I was whisked back about 15 years as I was forced by State Law to retake my written and driver’s test to obtain a new driver’s license.  I was nervous to the point of nausea…but as I reminded my husband last night, I have never failed any type of licensing test, EVER.  Today was no exception.  I did pass both with a hugePHEW! But because I live in the boonies I spent a couple of hours driving back and forth to the DMV to retrieve the proper documents that I didn’t realize I needed. Should have checked before hand.

I was overly frustrated with my oldest. He’s only five. How can I train him to be more respectful. He’s getting so mouthy. I never expected that from him. He was such an obedient and loving toddler. 

I spent the afternoon with 12 eight year olds.  This became both aggrivating and hilarious. The comments that come out of these girls mouths really make me laugh. I wish I had a memory for quotes so I could share them. There were just too many moments there. 

Then tonight, Hubby left for Scouts and his weekly late night b-ball game. I made sure to put the kidlets to bed earlier than usual.  I enjoy these nights where I really have some time to myself…  

So of course I spent the evening BAWLING. Yes, I’ve been crying my eyes out on my wee pillow. Did you watch American Idol?  Well I did, and although there were many moments of overdone celebrity cheesiness, there were many many moments of humbling. stark reality.  When they showed clips of the African slum…they compared it to the size of central park, and it was packed with houses made out of mud and paper.  Children, so many children without parents. So many people dying of AIDS and Malaria.  I was just sobbing.  Then they showed Louisiana, and still two years later there are so many living in these little trailers, not even full sized trailers. These camping trailers, packed together to house families that lost their homes in the hurricane. There is not a lot of “scope for the imagination” in these places, but there is a lot of crime.  
There were many other disheartening stories. It hurt to watch.  

There was just this feeling of helplessness that came over me. I know I can send money, but I’m so tainted with these big commercial charities. You never know how much of the money really gets there.  When I was growing up, one of my close friends lived next to this family and their huge mansion.  When I asked what the father did for a living I found out that he worked for The United Way.  I’ll never forget that.  Why did this man that worked for a charity foundation make so much money to live in excess as they did.  I didn’t get it, even then when I was young. Since then I have been hesitant to give freely without to charities such as this. If my family sponsors a child I don’t want the money going to Sally Struthers and her T.V. commercials. Show me something legit. Show me something I can send my money to and know that it’s not paying for someones million dollar home.  

Mary, from Owlhaven has adopted 4 children from around the world if I’m correct. She’s in the beginning process of adopting more. This brings some peace to me. I know there are many like her.  They’re helping one child at a time.

I don’t know where this is going. Never blog with PMS, and you can quote me on that one. You’ll regret it in the morning.

I want this world to be a better place. I want to be a good mom and wife, with everything that that entails. I want to be a crusader.  How can I do this?

My cheeks are still wet and I’ve used every inch of my sleeves as a snot rag.  But I feel okay. I had a good reason to cry tonight. Tomorrow I’ll work on that good mom and wife thing. Because I do have some control over that.  

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Scotty hotty

Sara  inspired the contest and Chris brought on this next bit so blame her!

Hubby’s a hotty
He looks like a teenager
I don’t think that’s bad

He puts up with me
Never hesitates to change
A dirty diaper

It’s hard work being “the man”
Thanks for everything

Really what I want to ask is for a cheesy Haiku on why your husband is the most beautiful.

Tag you’re it…and pictures if you dare!

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How much is too much when it comes to…

Oreo’s and Milk?


Swedish Fish?

“Me Time?”


for that matter, video games or media?

I want to know…what’s your max? Do you set some kind of limit on yourself only to end up breaking it? Do tell?


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So, my apologies my friends, the drug of choice for me this week was a little game called “Viva Pinata.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it. If not, just know it’s a game designed for CHILDREN on the Xbox 360.   My  brother-in-law bought it and lent it to us,  (let’s see if he ever gets it back) telling me Buster may like it, but beware, he had read a review that parents loved it more than their kids. I laughed,  I’m no gamer, I wasn’t scared. I went ahead and pursued it as a fun little game both my son and I could enjoy together.

It started off well, we planted a little garden together. Whirims came, and Sparrowmints, lots of little cute painted pinata’s wanted to stay in our garden. Buster and I found it very exciting.

Perhaps Mommy found it a little TOO exciting. I became a little controlling, a little greedy, a little worried Buster would ruin everything we had worked so hard to accomplish!! And my pinatas! They were getting sick! He wasn’t hitting the Sour Shellybean! He wasn’t investing his chocolate coins in the right kinds of seeds! He wasn’t starting his Sour Totem Poll and I worried sick about having to chase the bad pinatas out of my garden all the time. PINATAS WERE DYING!  I needed to romance them! All Buster wanted to do was dig more ponds!

People do you understand where I am coming from? I couldn’t let him play that garden anymore. I just couldn’t…after all I had worked towards.

I realize I’m a freak. I hope I haven’t scared you all off…but when YOU get to level 44 and YOU become “Ultimate Gardener”  YOU go ahead and try to let a five year old play your garden.

It’s physically impossible.

Happier news, Buster has started his own garden now and made me swear that I won’t get involved. . .I have to leave the room when he’s playing.

Viva Pinata

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Who gets pulled over for going 27 mph in a 25 mph zone?

I do!

Who has been driving around with an expired license?

I have!

Who almost got arrested and had their car impounded in front of the wee ones, with the five year old in the back seat asking mommy all types of questions like “Is he going to take your car away?” “Am I ever going to get to school?” “How come you’re in trouble?” and all sorts of other questions that leave a mommy guilt ridden?

If you guest me again you’re on a roll.

I can tell you why I put off renewing my license, well I didn’t notice it was about to expire till we already moved, and then I found out in Washington you have to retake the drive test! Who has time for that? Well obviously I thought “not me” and assumes I was above the law. Secretly I always enjoy fighting the man!

Side note, you’d think the first time I was pulled over and got away with a slap on the wrist would have been my wake-up call. I’m such a stubborn cuss.

So now on top of retaking the drive test I have to go to court and prove that I renewed my license.

Why do I do these things to myself?

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The Blues

Well my head is reeling.  The shootings at Virginia Tech, what a tragedy. What horrifies me is these types of crimes are happening more often. I envision a future for my children with metal detectors at every school and campus, store and business.  Really, really sad. My heart goes out to all the families that lost someone, and the students and teachers that had to witness the events.

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